Divination for Guidance


Are you struggling to make a tough decision? Or perhaps you’re struggling to see the path ahead?

What you need is some guidance to find your way forward.

I use a combination of tarot, runes, witch runes and pendulums to help you the guidance you need.

Book 30 minutes or 1 hour

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We all need healing and spiritual guidance at some point during our life.

Not one of us will walk through the whole of our time on this planet without experiencing challenging predicaments, hard situations or heartbreaking events.

It's all part of the human experience called life.

Feeling overwhelmed, struggling with pain or mental health or even just feeling stuck in general, can happen to any of us at any time. A lot of the time, it's for no good reason at all other than shit happens!

Healing, guidance and spiritual support can help us:

✨ Reduce the effects of stress
✨ Enhance your emotional wellbeing
✨ Uncover your hidden potential
✨ Complement conventional treatments to aid healing
✨ Increase your energy and vitality
✨ Improve your sleep and enhance mental clarity
✨ Deepen your spiritual connection
✨ Help you to find balance in your life
✨ Strengthen your intuition
✨ Give you additional support during transitional events
✨ Help you on a journey of self-discovery & personal growth

It really is amazing the difference this kind of help can make in your life!

Whatever it is you need help with, after nearly 20 years of doing this kind of work, I have a tool in my kit to give you what you need to move forward healthy, happy and whole.

Give yourself the best gift ever, invest in your wellbeing and book the first step towards your transformation today!

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30 minutes, 60 minutes


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