How it all began

I was crying, holding The Witches Sabbats in my hand and reading what was written in those pages.

Those words and the idea that they conveyed felt like home and to a lost, traumatised 16 year old, that meant everything.

As an abused and bullied girl growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I had searched for some sort of deeper connection all my life. There had to be something, anything that could help me find that connection.

I was in self-destruct mode. I had given up on school, leaving with mediocre results even though I was capable of so much more. I couldn’t hold down a job and was spending lots of my time getting high. I was in an unhealthy relationship and didn’t have any kind of clue what a healthy relationship looked like.

That book gave me hope that somehow, someway I could make a better life for myself and so my journey with Witchcraft began.



Life didn’t change all that quickly but the more I practiced and found small ways to bring magick into my life, the better I could help myself and the better I felt about myself.

I began to make improvements in my life. I began to understand myself, and I made better choices. I started to explore what I wanted from life and the meaning that I found in it. I took the long road of healing and learned how to fight and defeat my demons.

I trained in Reiki and other healing systems, opened my own business helping others with what I had learned and worked on myself along the way.

Even when my son was diagnosed with a life limiting condition, and then 19 years later when he died in my arms, I could
find ways to process and heal. I felt connected to life itself and all its cycles through my Craft and was able to use the healing
tools I have available to support my journey.

It didn’t mean bad times weren’t there, or that I could just magick them away, far from it. It meant I had roots to draw strength from. I could stand steady when the storm raged about me.

I could walk into the darkness of my own soul and come back out the other side, bruised and battered but still sure of who I was and how I could learn from the experience.

Through my healing and Craft practice, I found a way to enjoy my life as it was as well as a way to make it better, to make me a better person. It gave me the ability to be like a tree weathering the seasons. To have my roots firm in the ground for nourishment, safety and stability while having branches and leaves that can soak up the sun and enjoy the good times but that also bend and flex when the storm comes a blowing. I allow myself time to rest so that when the growing season comes, I can thrive and blossom knowing that fruit will come of it.

Now it’s time to take that knowledge and give it to others who will find it useful. To help you find your way through the darkness, to find ways of empowering yourself, healing yourself.

The way of being like a tree.

The way of Witchcraft.

Will you join me?

Sarah x




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